Panic attacks and related complaints are a widespread concern in the medical community with increasing numbers of individuals seen in emergency rooms each year.
In Europe about 3% of the population has a panic attack in a given year while in the United States they affect about 11%. 
They are more common in females than males. 
One out of 75 people worldwide will have a panic attack at some point in their life.
This video is a figurative representation of the symptoms and feelings typical of a panic attack.

A visual poem based on "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou.
Although slavery had been long abolished, Angelou saw its effects on society and the African American people. This poem is her declaration that she, for one, would not allow the hatefulness of society to determine her own success. It’s not only a proclamation of her own determination to rise above society, but was also a call to others to live above the society in which they were brought up.

A 2011 short movie, a tribute to Martin Scorsese and his first opera, The Big Shave.
I revisited the original concept and updated it to contemporary society. 
It's about the ever-growing obsession with aesthetics and beauty and the constant need to communicate, saying often things that are useless and harmful.

Music video for the L.A. based german-italian dance producer Sacha Robotti.

Backstage video of the movie "Il sud è niente" (2013), directed by Fabio Mollo, with Vinicio Marchioni, Miriam Karlkvist, Valentina Lodovini, Andrea Bellisario, Alessandra Costanzo.

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