No Future Home (2015)

Calabria is the tip of the Italian peninsula, I use to call it home, it’s the place where I was born and raised. 
I use to love my home, especially in the summer, when everything is colorful and happy. 
Its natural beauties are breathtaking, people are warm and friendly, but everything has been dying for years, because of a cancer that will hardly be defeated. 
It’s a hidden disease in the mind of a few powerful, ruthless people, you can never see it but the signs it leaves are clearly visible everywhere if you know where to look. 
It’s a disease that destroys everything, the environment, the thoughts, the feelings, every existing life force. 
It wears and swallows everything, slowly, like the sea. 
I ran away from home several years ago, like many before and after me, because my home is no longer colorful, not even in summer.